Tabula rasa & menti rasa

…or how valuable is really the empty mind / the beginner’s mind?

Hi guys,

Firstly, I’m not a latinist, as you know; you will have to excuse me… “Tabula rasa” is frequently translated as “blank slate”, to that I wanted to add “blank mind” and I don’t know if “menti rasa” works, but now you know what I was going for “Blank slate & blank mind”.

Now, this matter is like an untangled string in my mind, it has been with me since before I identified with it and before I saw it as “a thing”. Perhaps you can help me untangle it. And may I boldly suggest that perhaps we will untangle or tangle each other’s strings in this process. This is my aspiration.

I’ll simply share my personal experiences and thoughts without much judgement and hopefully a narrative will emerge.

Since early I have been turning to philosophy. If you ask me which philosophers I like, or who influenced me the most, I have no idea; I’ve barely read them. In fact I have been afraid to. I thought that their definitions and descriptions of things would limit my thinking and my view of the/my world. I still think like this; still I don’t read them.

So, I wanted (and want) to understand the world on my own terms as far as possible. This is perhaps complicated and not all that relevant. I bring it up because it was my first experience with the will to stay pure/untainted or stay with my “blank mind”.

For about 10 years I think philosophy was the only subject getting this treatment in my life. And then I remember having similar thoughts in late Lavasoft. These thoughts were, I think more concerned with Method rather than world view. And I think this is where it may become more interesting to you …but before that, I want to share with you my most resent experience and the trigger for this post.

As you know I’m screwing around in Asia. However, my recent experience is not of a philosophical nature (as you might guess from the Asian context). Instead I started to think: Fictional writing. This is a new source of pleasure, pain and curiosity.

Two days ago, with recaptured ambition I started describing the world, circumstances and the conflicts of the universe where I wish my story to play out, I believe this is “Outlining”. I am not sure and I don’t want to know because I want to try and fail with the facilities I already control before I see how other people do it. This is key. Do you think I am wise in this thinking?

To look in a more familiar direction: Before drinking software methodologies we often/hopefully see that something is wrong. And then we take somebodies else’s word for a solution… a solution we think we grasp, sometimes we kind of do. But do we grasp the difference between their and our situation and do we see the core of the principle (in many cases the preachers do not even see the true nature, but merely his/her situation in relation). In large there are big assumptions regarding cause and effect. (But as you know: true conviction alone (confused or not) is stronger than most problems).

Wow, I have no idea where I am right now. Did I had one golden camel? …which one am I?

Can you perhaps help me figure out where I’m trying to go here? And if so, what do you think about it?


One thought on “Tabula rasa & menti rasa

  1. Now that I am a latinist… I can see that I used the genitive “mentis” where I should have gone for the nominative “mens”, making: “mens rasa”.

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