Do I need my own desk? – Tieto Sweden HQ

Hi Kalle (and Jeff),

Time to talk some more about Do I need my own desk?, this time with real life examples from the company I work at! (Oooh, exciting!)

I had an example of a web agency I read about that had no set work stations for their employees and lockers for personal belongings.

Turns out that I didn’t need to go far to find this thinking in action – the Tieto Sweden HQ in Stockholm is using this concept live!

Here are two clips explaining the concept from Struktur, the company that helped Tieto with this. Yes, there is some marketing happytalk in there, but try looking past that. 🙂

I will visit the HQ in September and will make sure to talk to some people about how this REALLY works in practice, will keep you posted. By the way, the Luleå office is not using this in any shape or form – here we are talking standard offices, fixed desks and sitting 2-3 in each room with standard telephone rooms and conference room. However, it would be interesting to find the lowest hanging fruit from activity-based workspaces, and try bringing that into the Luleå office as well.

House of Win-Win in Gothenburg seems like another example, care to fill in the details there Kalle?

This all feels very Peopleware, time to go back and reread that book methinks.

Miss you guys, take care!



6 thoughts on “Do I need my own desk? – Tieto Sweden HQ

  1. Oooh, so very cool!

    House of Win-Win’s place on Tredje Långgatan is very random I think. Either you rent your own office where you may be seated alone, the room may have walls, the roof may be higher than 1.5 meters …but it is not necessarily so. Or you get access to the open area which I think resembles …a cafe.
    I don’t mean to say that this is bad, it is a pretty cool place, but I don’t think they designed it with much of an “activity mindset”.

    Somebody new in town who seem to have is I was actually there for the tour. They have a lounge area, quiet working rooms, conference rooms, brainstorming areas and you are expected to clear any spaces you have used, before you leave and they have lockers.
    I must say, I find it a bit strange not to be able to nest and/or make a mess at my desk… it makes me feel like a guest.
    In the end I moved back to Senri’s office, I know and like the people and I decided that was of high importance.

    Looking forward to a report from the Tieto HQ :).

    Take care!

  2. Awww… 🙂

    I’ll be in town for three days end of October, I think the bloggers should gather at Peacock for our “yearly retrospective” (all expenses paid from the profits of this blog of course).

    This part struck me as interesting:
    “I must say, I find it a bit strange not to be able to nest and/or make a mess at my desk… it makes me feel like a guest.”

    I think you hit it on the head – the key must be to make every employee feel like the ENTIRE office space belongs to them, so it doesn’t matter where they sit. They shouldn’t feel bad for nesting for the day anywhere on the premises. Otherwise it might become a camping site rather than an office, where people don’t feel any obligation to clean after themselves, never feel completely at ease etc.

    This seems tricky to do, but still very intriguing. We are currently shifting around some people between rooms so I know how attached people become to their space. But I feel the resistance is mostly the hassle of moving combined with the uncertainty if things will be better or worse at their new work space.

    Ultimately, having an activity based work space should solve this – if you don’t feel comfortable where you are sitting, just pick up your stuff and move somewhere else! If you can’t find a place where you feel comfortable, the site manager have a problem that they should deal with.

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