Change for the sake of change

Dear Kalle,

this has long been a pet peeve of mine:

I hate when people (usually managers) want to change the look of the corporate website just to “keep it fresh”. Not better, not improved, just fresh. Without measuring, the best efforts can actually make the website worse than before.

On the other hand, there are arguments that change or attention in itself creates positive results:

This can be seen in almost any team implementing agile for the first time – regardless of how bad your early implementation is, the team will become entusiastic enough that it shows in the quality of work produced. However, when this effect dies out eventually as things becomes more settled, the true colors of the quality of your agile implementation will start to show.

Agile methodologies usually combat this effect by embracing constant change and refinement within the methodolgy itself.

However, it would be interesting to switch the entire methodology every three months or so between SCRUM, Kanban, Crystal etc, just to “keep things fresh” and keep the entusiasm going. Food for thought (might be more interesting than practical though).

Until then – keep it fresh,