How to earn loads of money

Pick up a peice of technoligy, like a phone or a computer. Locate the most frequently used applications, usually found on a home screen, in a dock or perhaps in a start menu. Now go through the applications and ask yourself if you like them or if they annoy you, are they a bliss to use or do they suck? If the answer is “no” you must be doing something wrong, you need to enter a state of critical thinking.

Now, take your pick from the (presumably) steaming pile of applications. Build your own, let it be great, simple, easy to use and a bliss to interact with (to be honest you might even make it whitout the bliss; bliss is’t mandatory but highly recommended).

Make it available for purchase and tell a friend.

Now repeat from the begining until satisfied.

What do you think Mattias? An option to consider?

Take care,
Your friend, The Rant Machine

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