The value of perfection


I thought that this would be a good subject for a post written on my thirteen minute ride from the city to my home. During thirteen minutes there is no time for perfection (there is not even spell checking in the interface that I am using) which makes this pretty meta in a potentially uninteresting way.

I try to accept that perfection isn’t an omnipotent solution. I accept that, I am perhaps willing to accept that it is not the answer to anything. Despite this I think the asspiration has great value. This is what I want to talk about; the balance between perfection and what you think is needed from what we might refeer to as reality.

I have almost never created something that I think is perfect, as I set out to I usually try but it never happends. But trying hard and being persistent and “failing” (but really sucseeding) will make you better at what you do. That is the essence, that is the value of aspiring perfection.

I didn’t get deep into the core of this issue and if I were to read it from the begining I probably wouldn’t like it much. Anyway, this was my practice beta post; a first attempt at battling the need for perfection and in deed a controdicting meta post. Look forward to the follow up on thw value of inperfection…

Good night,

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