Do I need my own desk?

Hi Kalle,

posting from Starbucks at 9pm while sipping on some green tea and waiting for the bus.

I know that the norm of the average office is that each employee gets assigned a desk when they start where they do most of their work until the day that they either leave or die (usually leave in most companies I hope).

However, since you are a globetrotter when it comes to working from everywhere (open offices, clients, cafes etc), I am beginning to question this practice, since it seems to be working well for you.

I read a really interesting article in Monocle a few months ago about a web agency that had open seating in their office for all their staff (think weird lounge areas, 6-tops, 8-tops, single desks etc) and only provided the staff with a personal locker to store their things safely in. I kinda wonder what the average employee would think about that practice (we, of course, are not average so our opinions don’t count). Don’t people wanna personalize their space? Isn’t there calm in the monotony of working from the same place every day but with different tasks? A solid foundation in a stormy world?

Second guessing someone else is always tough (I think I’ve argued against this practice on multiple occasions), so I have to step back to myself I guess. I think my initial reaction would be “cool! someone has really done some thinking about the space issue here” and I’d happily try it for a period of time. In the long run though – well, the jury is out on that one.

Freedom or confusion? Or just not that relevant? I don’t know – I just know I just made a good rant post.

Enjoy your weekend,


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